Store POS Solutions

Engage with customers via point of sale screens, tablets, smart phones or your website.

Negotiate Sales: With up to date warehouse and supplier stock statuses and purchase cost pricing.

Close sales based on up to date information including warehouse and supplier stock availability and delivery resources.

Store POS Solutions


Helix allows buyers to optimise inventory availability and pricing for multibranch, multi-franchise operations. Features include promotional management systems with automated price changes, store promotional ticket printing and reporting. Helix product database allows for unlimited custom fields to integrate with your website so that website product and pricing can be maintained in Helix and online integrated to the website.

Retail Point Of Sale System

Automated CRM

From automated quote follow up on a salesperson’s dashboard to delivery and service management in the field, Helix ensures that your customers expectations are met and sales conversion optimised. Gather critical insights about your business, analyse customer behaviour, and build a scalable sales organisation with Helix CRM.

An empowered management system that offers a lot of advantages

Delivery Management

Exceed customer expectations for deliveries and collections via delivery management views and individual salesperson followup dashboards. CRM (Customer relationship management) is integrated at the transaction level. Managers can reassign followups when staff are off sick to ensure that customer service levels are maintained.

Multi-branch Management

Make selling across multiple channels and stores easy. Helix allows multi-branch retailers or buying groups to operate a centralised product catalogue, promotional management and consolidated reporting whilst allowing individual stores or groups of stores to operate separately accountable businesses.

Inventory Management

Customers expect core stocks to be available and special orders to be delivered on time. Helix allows you to set product priorities, sales types and categories to manage inventory in real-time.

Highly integrated

A good example of the integration is a Helix Sales Order which can start off as a quote, automatically generating CRM followups, be accepted and converted to a customer order, payment taken, purchase orders raised and have customer documents attached. This single point of contact allows staff to 'drill down' into all related transactions.

Customer, Supplier and Product centres all provide views through to related transactions which can be viewed and actioned depending on staff security levels.