Van Dyk Furnishers

A family owned business since 1974, Van Dyks started working with Excellent software in 1994 and have had a smooth upgrade path to the latest Helix technology whilst expanding from a single homewares store with 6 terminals to a multi-faceted business with 13 stores and 65 terminals including flooring, beds, furniture, bikes curtains and blinds. Products created in Helix are automatically displayed on their Big Commerce based website including images and all other required website elements. The promotional system in Helix automatically controls promotional pricing and prints promotional display tickets.

Flooring Xtra

Flooring Xtra are New Zealand's largest flooring brand. Helix's professional selling focus integrates quoting, works orders, scheduling, point of sale, debtors and inventory into a single system that's optimised for teamwork, accuracy and control. Helix breaks down the barriers between back and front office. Everyone is accountable for customer service, margins, inventory and debtors. Staff dashboards with CRM follow-ups ensure that customer expectations are set and followed up resulting in excellent Google reviews.

Heathcote Appliances

A family owned business since 1947. Heathcotes started their journey with Excellent Software at their Morrinsville store in 1992 with 4 computer terminals. The business has grown to 4 retail stores and 80 terminals include commercial, service and heat pump departments. Heathcotes is a nation wide leader in appliance sales in New Zealand. The Helix framework provides staff with tools to achieve high levels of customer service, margin and inventory control. Salesperson dashboards include graphs tracking individual and team daily sales vs target. Integrated people counters provide management sales conversion KPI reporting.

Appliance Plus

Appliance Plus started with an early version of Helix running on 8 terminals in 1994. Now a nationwide retailer comprising 24 company and associate stores the Appliance Plus group supports 86 terminals country wide. Appliance Plus use Helix's customer backorder system to ensure that all sales are invoiced on the day to accurately measure sales and promotions. Buyers can generate purchase orders or transfers direct from the customer's invoice or purchase in bulk via the buyers centre. On receipt the system prompts to SMS text the customer and update the salesperson's dashboard.

Kitchen Things

Kitchen Things Hamilton is an independent Kitchen Specialist and runs Helix through it's commercial and retail divisions. Starting with 5 terminals in 2009 the site grew rapidly increasing to it's current size of 20 terminals and significantly increasing it's market share. Helix handles sales from quoting through to delivery management and service. Features include the ability to handle 'commission supplier sales' from suppliers like Miele alongside normal inventory sales. Individual item inventory and cost control and the management of customer stock allow Kitchen Things to run tight margin and inventory control.

Trade Aid

Trade Aid is a social enterprise that imports, wholesales and retails handmade fair trade products and fair trade food and coffee beans via their integrated the wholesale/ retail website. At one stage Trade Aid were running 26 stores but with increased retail operating costs they are now focused on online and wholesale to supermarkets, independent retailers and cafes. The Helix website integration handles both retail and wholesale transactions with the same retail site so that customers with a cafeteria account for example can purchase beverages at wholesale and craft products at retail on a single order.

Danske Mobler Taupo

Danske Mobler Taupo started with an early version of Helix in 2006 and run a large furniture store. Customer relationship management (CRM) is integrated down to the document level so customer expectations can be set and dashboard follow-ups used to to ensure that expectations are met d even when staff are on leave. Each staff member is accountable for their own sales, purchasing, margins and debtors.

100% Opotiki

100% Opotiki had a flying start when opening their new appliance store 2021 thanks to Helix's catalogue product integration with the 100% group. Since then Opotiki has grown it's business and added a furniture and homewares store in 2023. Customer backorders generate purchase orders and prompt to SMS text the customer when the goods arrive. Helix allows small businesses to handle more sales per person than larger stores.