Helix is an integrated retail management system that simplifies operations by combining…

  • Highly integrated sales, multi-branch inventory & customer management
  • Powerful user framework
  • Customer relationship management integrated at the transaction level
  • Action focused dashboards with CRM follow ups
  • Key performance indicator reporting
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Constant iteration and learning, working in partnership with retail entrepreneurs has built significant competitive advantage for clients in our chosen markets. Our ‘shared development’ philosophy provides an ongoing upgrade path, lifting the performance of the entire user group resulting in long term client satisfaction and retention.

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Specialised businesses looking for a competitive advantage are moving to software that’s optimised for the way they work within a single integrated solution. Integrations are focused on third parties such as suppliers, 3pl, deliveries and cloud based GL accounting.

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Empowered Users

Helix provides employees with access to live data at your chosen security levels and presents it as live views, pivot tables, KPI graphs and emailed reports.
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